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Our house hockey teams are recreational and include players of all skill levels.  Participants do participate in a draft skate for the purpose of evenly creating teams but no one is turned away based on skill set.  

Players are typically placed on teams based on birth year (see below for "playing up" policy).  We offer teams from the 6U level (mini-mite) to 16U (midget).   PHA teams are a part of the MAHA District 4

Our programs follow the ADM so 6U and 8U teams play cross ice games.  These teams also participate in the I-275 league.  The intent of the I-275 League is to give Mite and Mini-Mite age players an opportunity to play within their own age group and skill level in an environment that stresses fun, learning, sportsmanship, and team play with minimum emphasis on wins and losses. The League recognizes that some associations may have a limited number of teams and this is an opportunity for those players to engage in game play with minimal drive time. The I-275 League was established to enhance these objectives and give greater game variety. 

10U teams and up participate in the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey League.  The purpose of the LCAHL is to provide a positive and rewarding experience for amateur youth hockey players in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding regions. The LCAHL shall emphasize, among other areas, the following:

  • Youth development and leadership.
  • Excellence in coaching.
  • The promotion of competition, fair play and sportsmanship.
  • The high standards, reputation and goodwill of the LCAHL, as well as those of its sponsors, teams and players

Playing Up Policy

The Plymouth Hockey Association executive board, along with its coaches and coaching directors, will assess requests for playeres to play outside of their birth year age group (play up) on a case by case basis.  In doing so, the board will take various factors into consideration before making any decision.  These include, but are not limited to: 

  1. The number of age appropriate players registered in the given division and the number of players in the age division they wish to leave. 
  2. The on ice playing ability of the player.  When considering this, their talents are well beyond what their peers possess in their age division.
  3. The physical and mental maturity of the player.  Age divisions are set for specific reasons.  PHA works to keep players safe both mentally and physically.  The social and emotional impacts to the development of the player will be taken into consideration. 



Plymouth Hockey Association Sponsors

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